Hello... and welcome to my website.

Photography has been a life-long passion for me, and here you will find an eclectic collection of my work. But be warned!... some of it can be a bit ... different. I consider much of my photography to be "theme-based" - a photo that looks like there's a story behind it. Sometimes weird, sometimes macabre and once in a while, just plain silly.

As you will see, many of my favorite subjects are the Goth, Grunge, Punk and Alternative cultures. To me, these styles are original, artistic and worthy of recording to image.

Browse around and see what you can find. If you're looking for pretty scenery and colorful flowers - this is not the place to be! But if you like something different, enjoy your visit.

Check back often... you'll never know what you may find!!


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About my work.

It’s not MY work. These photos are a collaboration of very creative people. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a wide variety of clever models and friends who contribute immensely to the look and theme of these images.
There are three people who were instrumental in introducing me to this genre…

Amanda Spicka – Her photo is the first you see on my main page slide show. This striking classic Goth lady opened my eyes to the beauty and originality of alternative cultures.

Elizabeth Stayer – An ‘alternative lifestyle’ photographer that invited me to my first model photo shoot in January of 2010. Through Liz I met many of models I’ve used in the last three years. http://elizabethstayer.zenfolio.com/

And last but certainly not least…

Ann Gray – My wife! Her encouragement and patience has allowed me to pursue this ‘obsession’. She’s had to endured long hours of me being away from home on shoots, and even longer hours of me being cloistered away editing photos. Thank you my dear.



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Zombiefest 2012!!

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Zombiefest 2012!!

2012 Zombikini Contest!

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2012 Zombikini Contest!

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San Guinary video shoot - 7-26-14
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Guestbook for Steve Gray PHOTOGRAPHY
14.Lisa Stokes(non-registered)
Steve, you rock!! It makes me smile to come to your page and see my baby girl amongst all the other cool photos you do. I hope I can be your subject someday as well. And, perhaps your student!! Ill wait for warmer weather. Thanks for everything! Lisa
13.A Lifetime Friend...(non-registered)
Its amazing that I have watched your talent grow and mature for over 40 years. You have reached a point far beyond where you were 4 years ago... Keep growing.
Absolutely wonderful. I´m overwhelmed. I have to admit that you make amazing pictures!! You really do! I wish I could be as talented as you are. keep up doing great job!
10.Eric Hahn(non-registered)
Only someone who loves what they do could produce such wonderful, quality work and art. You obviously love your work, and I am glad you do!
9.Carol Marker(non-registered)
Very enjoyable to watch. You have and always have had an amazing talent. Keep up the great work, Steve. Love the diversified gala.